Crafts, Creative Making Glass Painting

Crafts, Creative Making Glass Painting
Lately we often hear about hand painting , and indeed to the present moment are arguably Trend . What is meant by hand painting is a process to provide decoration / accents in the form of painting on anything that worked as handicrafts . The painted objects could include : glass , ceramics , wood , fabric , eggs , plastic etc. . This time we will discuss the hand painting is applied to the medium of glass / glass or we often call with Glass Painting .

Crafts, Creative Making Glass Painting

Manufacture of glass or glass painting painting
Selection of Materials for Glass Painting
We can use objects made ​​of glass around our homes for example : cups , plates , jars , condiment bottles , beverage bottles , place butter , etc. . Choose the shape interesting and artistic . Choose items that are still good , or objects that have a lot of scratch glass or opaque should not be used , because it will reduce the beauty .

Media Made Glass Cleaning Techniques
Objects made ​​of glass or glass that will we painted , we cleaned first with Teepol or can also use dish soap , to clean the dirt , especially fats / oils . Once washed , dried . Before the glass is painted , should be wiped with a clean cloth / tissue using methanol . Proper cleaning techniques will yield great painting results and can be attached more powerful .

Pattern Making Painting
To create a painting patterns , motifs can be painted various kinds, depending on taste . Motif generally quite easy and simple for beginners can be a variety of flowers , butterflies , dragonflies , marine shades , cartoons , or drawings of various animals . Participants can simply paint a picture frame using the outliner . For a beginner can also create / replicate the pattern on the paper , then put the paper with a picture on the side of the glass , the next frame of the image in the glasses can be made with a marker .
Selection of Cat
There are 2 types of paint that can be used for Glass Painting :
1 . Opaque paint Coates
Type Paint for Glass Painting the Opaque / not transparent . This paint is quite economical price , making it suitable for beginners who are just practicing Glass Painting . Before you apply, first diluted with Thinner Paint & Glass Fixed Catalist plus ( - + 5 % ) .
2 . Transparent paint Vetro
Type Paint for Glass Painting a Transparent & Exclusive , very beautiful result because it produces bright colors and transparent colors . The price is quite expensive . For application can directly dikuaskan on glass media that have been cleaned . If too thick / has thickened can be availed with Thinner . This paint is used if the participant has understood technique Glass Painting or already practicing with Cat Opaque Coates .

Painting process
Glass media that have been drawn using the liner out , can be painted with Cat Coates Opaque or Transparent Paints Vetro . For a better painting result , could use a nylon brush . Disapukan paint not too thick , so the results mean . Once painted , try not to touch by hand before the paint dried . Color paint colors can be a single color , or mixed , with color mixing guidelines as follows :
Red + Yellow = Orange
Yellow + Blue = Green
Red + Blue = Purple
Yellow + Red + Black = Brown
Red + Black = Red Maroon
Red + White = Pink
Purple + White = Violet
Brown + Green = Green moss

The end of the process of making glass paintings or glass painting
After the painting process is complete , so that the paint can be fixed against the glass , can be in - heat oven to 120C - 160C for 15-40 minutes .

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