Creative - Used Recycled Paper - New Paper from Paper Used

Used Recycled Paper - New Paper from Paper Used
Paper is a material that is thin and flat , which is generated by the compression of fibers derived from the pulp . Opportunities crafts from recycled paper is interesting because it can be done by anyone and requires little capital . You can use the tools that exist around you .
Utilization of waste paper can be done in your spare time . This handcrafted process did not take a long time and use the materials around us . Utilization of paper waste is also a form of support to reduce waste in the world . Recycled paper made ​​from newsprint will produce gray so you have to add coloring to your liking .

Tools needed :
1 . Blender or Mortar
2 . Screen berkasa = mold
3 . Screen without gauze
4 . basin
5 . foam
6 . rags

ingredients :
1 . Former paper or newspaper ( the paper should not contain plastic like paper calendars or food wrapping paper )
2 . Natural dyes : turmeric , pandan , teak leaves , etc.
3 . Stem / dried flower petals

Ways of making crafts :
Used paper - scissors torn or cut small
All material placed somewhere / bucket and soaked for ± 2 days . If you want to fast can also be boiled for 1 to 2 hours , to clean off the ink and other invaders . Residual waste in the water do not in any place because it contains the ink that can interfere with living things around him
The paper then crushed using a blender
Enter the pulp into a basin that has been filled with clean water ( per 250 g pulp requires 5 liters of clean water ) . Water requirements can be adjusted , depending on the desired thickness of the paper .
To beautify given natural dyes , such as pandan , turmeric etc. . Slurry in the basin was mixed with dye , and then stirred .
Prints and screen ( top screen ) put into tubs that have been mixed with paper pulp , enter evenly .
Lift the mold of the basin or tub
Prepare the length of the cloth , the cloth should be able to absorb water .
Lift the screen , and place it on top of an existing mold pulp , remove the water with foam .
After csreen no longer contain the water , then lifted screen . Then dried not exposed to direct sunlight because it will affect the color of the paper , aerated enough . After that it can be ironed smooth surface
Paper can be used for cards or other souvenirs , and can also be used to write .

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