Indonesian Crafts - Unique Keychain Of Flour

Unique Keychain Of Flour
Cornstarch is not only used for cooking, but this time we will learn to create a unique key ring of flour. Crafts made ​​from cornstarch can be made unique craft trinkets such as chandeliers, wall hangings, pencil boxes, picture frames, paintings are very interesting, key chains etc.. When engaged into a side business / home industry could generate a turnover of millions of dollars. For the model could mimic of unique keychains image below. Here are the ingredients and how to make it:

Keychains unique ingredients of flour
Bulk cornstarch, 400 g
Glue fox 200 gr
Water and cooking oil to taste

supporting materials

The tools used
small knife
fruit shavings
cake mold
To pad printing plastic


How to create unique key chains from cornstarch

  1. Mix glue and starch into the container / jar then add water and oil gradually, knead by hand until dough fluffier
  2. Take the dough for the mother, then a round shape round 400 pieces and pat dry. While waiting for a dry, made ​​also with other forms of the model, and do not forget to love an interesting color for decorative models models. Having collected his model, united with glue fox on the field for wall hangings. For maximum results you should not make use of oven drying
  3. It would be nice if the drying process by using the sun's heat. For effectiveness, the drying is done for 1 day. (Depending on cloudy / hot)
  4. Well, after completely dry, meaning wall hangings are finished and can be collected and sold themselves to your side business.
Indonesian Crafts - Unique Keychain Of FlourIndonesian Crafts - Unique Keychain Of FlourIndonesian Crafts - Unique Keychain Of Flour

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