Indonesian Crafts From Dried Banana Leaves

Indonesian Crafts From Dried Banana Leaves
The majority of people consider banana ( dry ) is useless junk . Sometimes even by parents burned because they contaminate the garden .

But now banana leaf can be used as a beautiful painting artwork and high economic value . Again the hands of creative people who make such waste can make crafts from dried banana leaves as a blessing .

Indonesian Crafts From Dried Banana Leaves

Tips to make way and Crafts From Banana Leaves

Types of free bananas , banana leaves are good in a tree that is dry , conditions banana completely dry ( not wet or damp ) , midrib not need to dry in the sun ( aerated enough ) . No need to use preservatives or artificial colors added , because it will remove the natural impression of the painting . Banana hues that will be used tailored to the needs of painters , in accordance with the style and theme of the painting . The finished painting does not need to varnish ( varnish painting materials ) . In order to make handicrafts from dried banana leaves more beautiful frame and glass can be used . In order paintings durable and long lasting , avoid painting on wet / damp .
There is no special type of glue for this painting . Glue which is used for example ; ordinary paper glue ( which is made ​​from cassava flour / starch / aci , Glue FOX brand that is sold in the market . Glue FOX more often I use , because the adhesive is quite strong , although the price is a bit more expensive .
Typically used for basic painting . Plywood can also be used in addition to other materials , such as cardboard , wood , etc. .
Crafts from dried banana leaves

Attaching the way in the field of painting Banana
Free stick technique . For painting landscapes , calligraphy , hewan2 , human , usually the author attaches his background first, then the last detail . Calligraphy Painting as an example , the first tempellah dark background all , after new paste dry light-colored calligraphy .
In order for the craft of dry banana leaves uneven patches and strong , usually after a banana taped , the painting was given a weight on it until the glue is dry ( like with thick glass , wood ballast , thick books etc. ) , the goal for sticking glue evenly on each part banana taped .
For the first phase of stage crafts from dried banana leaves , it takes perseverance and patience extras to make this craft , because of the material and the tool is not commonly used for painting purposes .
But when it has advanced and has obtained his own painting technique , painting will obtain a unique and somewhat difficult to imitate people , so the resale value is also better .

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