Creative - Step by Step How To Create Crafts from Straws

Creative - How To Create Crafts from Straws
This craft is a nice business opportunity and suitable for housewives who want to supplement the family income . Consumer interest will flower as decoration in the room is likely to increase . Consumers want their room look beautiful and beautiful by giving ornate flower arrangements in every room . The amount of interest that come from the consumer flower lovers , able to provide ideas for businesses to create business opportunities imitation flowers made ​​of plastic .

Creative - How To Create Crafts from Straws

Create crafts plastic flowers emerge when consumers began to complain of the cost they should spend to buy real flowers that only hold for a few days only. Given the beauty of real flowers can not be long-lasting , can last up to a maximum of 1 week only. Since then , much has now emerged the florist who created the plastic flowers . Usually the material used is plastic , tape , plastic straws , until the paper .
Quality plastic flower creations are now marketed , has a shape very similar to the original interest . Plastic flowers anyway so enthused by the consumer . Besides the shape similar to the original , plastic flowers can also last much longer than real flowers . And more interestingly, plastic flowers can be cleaned up if it starts dirty . Only by soaking with detergent , then it will be back bright color like new again .
Plastic flower creations can also be arranged , just like the original flower arrangements . With a plastic flower pot along with gorgeous , give selling price is more expensive than plastic flowers are not arranged . So with a plastic flower creations we can open two business opportunities at the same time , the business sells retail and selling plastic flowers plastic flower arrangements are beautiful . Plastic flower creations can be used as one of the promising home-based business . Now the odds of success with a home business is very wide open .
Here is one example of a way of making the simplest of plastic flowers , just use old plastic straws that are around you .

Handicrafts of straw


Can be replaced with a stick or wire
Crepe paper or can be replaced with paper tape
Plastic bottles, in addition to accessories


  1. Cut straws with a length of ± 10 cm
  2. After the end of the straw split into four, we can mengesut straw that has been cut so much shaped blooms and somewhat limp.
  3. Then cut each end of the straw that had dibesut, forming a shape resembling flower petals taper original
  4. Some straws are then combined into one so shaped flowers are blooming
  5. This interest then we tie the wire or stick that has been wrapped with crepe paper
  6. As for the leaves can be made of ribbon or a piece of paper from a used piece of plastic glasses
  7. Once the flower stalk has finished, make the stalk - stalk the next in the same way. And for the latter, the flower stalks rangkailah into flower pots filled spoon / foam.

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