Creation Making Paper Roses from Corn - Full Pictures

Creation Making Paper Roses from Corn

This time I tried to make flowers out of crepe paper , paper tablets that it is often used to decorate children 's birthday party , the ingredients are easy to obtain and varied colors and also easy to set up . And other materials are paper glue , paper tape ( usually to wrap the stem ) , aids to form petals ( here I use the pen to massage acne but may also use the pen tool knitting wool or anything that looks like the image below ) , for wire rod , and green cardboard paper for petals . Here it is drawing materials and how to make it .

Tools and materials used

Make the pattern as shown above , looks like a heart leaf ( left ) and normal leaf ( right) . Petals heart -shaped leaves used for the outer petals and leaves normal to the inside of the flower.

 Cut out each shape well plated in order to form a more uniform

Pull with both hands carefully and slowly so as not to tear the middle

Each end of the curly petals formed by using the pen tool .

You can glue the paper on the bottom end of the eyelid

Prepare wire rod ( I use a wire bristle ) , petal paste glue that had been given earlier , just a little tap - tap petals so closely attached to the stem with

Do it on all the petals in advance and continue until exhausted outer petals , arranged in a way that resembles the form of the original roses

Wrap the base of the stem to bottom with crepe paper streamers

Create a crown of flowers on green paper leaves , first create a paper round as above and fold up to three parts

Scissors like shape above and make a hole in the middle

Creation Making Paper Roses from Corn

Give the glue on the crown of flowers attached to the petals and put it right under the eyelid

rilala ... trilili ... already so ... similar to the original roses right?

Creation Making Paper Roses from Corn

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